Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Baby Is Starting Kindergarten

God, please keep the calls from the school to 2 max per week.

Smartypants starts Kindergarten Thursday. Where did the time go?
Image: Smartypants at 8 months old

Mrs. Roldan, Smartypants' teacher, invited us to meet with her last Friday. Smartypants toured his new classroom and chose to follow my advice to shake Mrs. Roldan's hand and respond verbally to her questions. Honestly it could have gone either way: when he knows you want it he's less inclined to deliver the goods.

Smartypants has not attended preschool so Kindergarten will be for him what it was for us parents some 30 years ago: Kindergarten, not his 3rd year of "school." There are a few distinct advantages Smartypants' preschooled peers will have over him:
  1. They can wipe their own bottoms. I hear tell that most preschool teachers are not supposed or disposed to assist kiddos with the messier aspects of personal hygiene. So 1 up for the preschooled kids. Expect multiple posts with all the gory details.
  2. "Write your name in the upper right hand corner": I assumed most of Smartypants' class would already know how to write their names. Though I made a few weak attempts to convince him to practice I'm glad I didn't make too big a stink about it as Mrs. Roldan will be teaching this skill in the first few weeks of school.
  3. Yeah...I can't think of another point either. And really, #2 has been eliminated. So that leaves only #1, which is really about #2.
Up next: The Kindergarten Screening: Aced by My 2 Year Old

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